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10/2015 Back to Book Two

Working hard on book two of my trilogy and after wrestling with it a bit I think I finally have it in a manageable outline form. Unfortunately, until recently, I tended to be primarily a scene writer with no real regard to the segues and chapter arrangement until later, more or less knowing where I was going but not definitive. Bad idea, as it really slows the writing down. I discovered that with another book I wrote that went so much smoother and have fallen totally in love with more precise plotting along an outline form using a system I developed that works for me. I had a lot of solid scenes written for this book but no definitive organization, no real solid plot line, so I had to drop back and both organize what I had already written and set up a more cohesive plot than what I had originally thought. That, took time I honestly could have been writing had I been better organized with the way I wrote at the time.

I recently did a synopsis of it for my agent that reads pretty solidly so I used it for the foundation, adding in some additional plot lines that I worked through recently. It’s now a much stronger book than originally planned with a good central line and several additional threads running through it and I am more than happy with it so far but it took determining exactly whose story it is to get it laid out properly. After several starts/stops and tough decisions, I think I have it very, very close – never positive as additional ideas sometimes need to be worked in as I go. Little more than a couple hundred pages done and more than enough storyline for another two to three hundred pages and I now know exactly where I’m going with the side threads woven in and out of the main plot line. Might actually be five hundred pages (about 125K words) when finished and then I’ll edit it from there.

If you are reading this – and I’m not sure anyone is – I’m still looking for others in the area (northwest San Antonio) interested in a small writer’s group – maybe five or six serious writers regardless of skill level. If you write and want to get better and need quality critiquing, contact me and let’s talk.

Back to book two – people waiting on me.

 December 1st, 2015  
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