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11/2015 The Wait

I currently have a book out on submission and waiting on how it’s accepted of not accepted is without doubt one of the hardest things I have ever done in my entire life. I know my agent is working hard to find the right editor/publisher, but respectfully, unless someone has created characters out of nothingness and written a serious book, I don’t know if anyone but another serious writer can understand how difficult the wait is.

I know it’s a business and I know it moves slowly. No problem there.

But from the writing side,¬†the book is more than five years of thought, writing, re-writing, revision, re-thinking, discovery, innovation, cutting, pasting, lengthening, shortening, phrase-turning and a hundred other words¬†that are a part of trying really hard to write something that’s not just a book, but that makes a difference.

So the slightest glimmer of interest, the smallest appearance that some editor understands what I’m doing, the asking for a manuscript or just some number of pages is more than a business transaction to me at a personal level. It’s proof that what I write matters, that someone gets the three stories and how they interact, that maybe, just maybe, it’s a book of importance.

Many times, in creative writing classes, I’ve told students it’s like putting one’s child they have developed and nurtured and shaped up on a table for all to see as you await someone to tell you that your story reached into their heart or that your child is ugly and has big ears. The waiting is hard, especially when the book is a part of a trilogy and the characters you’ve created continue into the following books. It’s really, really, hard.


 December 1st, 2015  
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