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8/2015 The Blog Begins.


This is day one of what will become a blog – well, sort of a blog. I write long fiction and teach so the blogging here won’t be a regular thing as I have a number of serious writing projects underway at this time. However, there are times when I’m not writing and my paper grading will allow updates, and I will endeavor to add here as often as I can.

I plan to include commentary about the writing process and writing information here that might make a very difficult process easier for others trying to write, whether it might be talking about dialogue, what makes setting, planning a novel, pantsing your way through a novel vs. doing a solid outlining, or any of the thousands of things a writer must learn in order to write well. And how and what we do is different for all of us – trust me, I know.

So if there should appear anything you find interesting or which helps your own writing in any way, please do comment. I really want to hear from you, good or bad. Really.

Those of us who feel compelled to write spend a lot of our time sitting alone at desks moving in and out of make believe worlds, and we all sometimes forget writing is a community and writers need to communicate with each other. It’s what makes us better writers and it keeps us sane. Mostly.

From Chuck Wendig, a most irreverent writer of really odd and well-written fiction:
the secret to writing

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