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8/2015 Reworking the Syllabus

It’s a Thursday, which means no classes today. It also usually means I write. A lot. But today I’m working on reworking a syllabus for some of my classes. Seems there was a book edition change I was somehow unaware of and the syllabus readings either don’t match page-wise or the reading itself is no longer in the book and I have to find another that fits what I am doing at that point in the class. Arrrrrrrrg! – and I don’t mean that in a cute pirate way.

That said (actually, screamed), it does appear the classes themselves are good, meaning, everyone for whatever odd reason, is actually on time. These are freshman classes and no one is ever one time, yet, these guys are and most of them are there ten whole minutes before the class starts. After teaching so long it scares me more than just a little, to tell the truth.

Oh, and I finally found time to be do some writing on BOOK TWO of my trilogy. It’s the sequel to the first book and continues the trilogy. Trivia answer – slaves in Texas were free for three (3) years before word finally got here. Three years! Absolutely unfathomable.

 December 1st, 2015  
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