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9/2015 Back to Editing

My line edits are back, so I’m back to work on a book in my trilogy. It’s a long weekend, so I’m working hard and hope to having the package ready for my agent before Tuesday.

However, here in San Antonio, things are a little different sometimes, especially for those of us who live on acreage in the country. We are also a small bed and breakfast (Bella-Green) here and have two kinds of deer, as well as the occasional javelina, fox, bobcat, coyotes, etc.  which is really no big deal. That said, we have a young couple from Austin staying with us for the next three days from Austin, which is not too far away. I’m sitting at my desk, diligently working on final rewrite/corrections and when I reached 200 pages, halfway through the manuscript, I decided to stop and check on our guests.

He met me as I opened the back door, iPhone in hand, literally texting me right that moment that there was a tarantula on our back door (the one I am now standing in as I talk to him). I look the door over – nothing. I look inside, thinking maybe it fell into the house – nothing. Then I look behind the door, inside the house, and bingo! There he is. Sadie, our rescue cockapoo, is cautiously checking him out but not growling yet as she has no idea what the heck a spider that big is. A mason jar, a teflon potholder, and a smooth grab and he’s scooped up and safe to handle. The couple took pictures, but as it was a bit scary to her, I took the tarantula ( a medium-sized one)  a couple hundred yards down the road so he will hopefully make new friends and bother someone else. Tarantulas here aren’t really a big deal – we usually see 2-3 a year, sometimes more. He makes the third one so far this year. Just another day in Central Texas.

Back to editing.

 December 1st, 2015  
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