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9/2015 Labor Day

Been a really long week, so I am more than a little glad for the extra day off that Labor Day provides. The new semesters means first academic papers from freshman classes, and I also have editing needed on a manuscript for my agent.

The student paper grading went well – for me, not so well for the students. Freshman composition class papers generally suck the first time around, partly, I’m sure, because of the attempt to do the absolute minimum necessary as was done in high school and a lack of understanding that they are not now in thirteenth grade. Bad mistake, and most make it, though not all recover from it. An always too large portion of the papers were truly awful and ended up as F papers (I actually gave F/D’s to most since they are the first college level papers attempted by these guys). A few were legitimate A’s, a few B’s, and a couple were C’s.

Most issues were caused by a distinct inability to follow directions regarding the format, length, topic, or whatever, as well as a general lack of ability to write in any sort of cohesive manner or understand the fundamentals of grammar. That said, lots (and I mean LOTS) of markup on these papers will be discussion next week and that will lead to much improved papers the next time around. Always does. Unfortunately, many have been allowed to write really crappy papers in high school by teachers who didn’t care and/or bother to prepare them for college, so it takes the full 16 week semester to get some improved to where they are solid writers. Those who have trouble distinguishing the difference between college and high school will likely not make it through the class, and so it goes. Not everyone really should be in college. Those who will let me, will write and write well in fourteen more weeks, if they make the effort. The others will struggle with college writing assignments for the duration of the time they remaining college.

Once the grading was done, I was able to work on to the manuscript I’m completing and get it and several synopses finished for my agent. As of a few minutes ago, it’s in her hands (electronically speaking). On to completing book two of the trilogy.

 December 1st, 2015  
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