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July , 2016.

Well, where do I start?

I’m still teaching and plan to al least through Christmas, but through a really odd chain of events, I am also now a sales rep for a line of exceptional tiny homes.

Teaching is a time honored profession, blah, blah – you’ve heard all that before many times –  but it’s also notorious regarding pay. Karen and I both have taught for years, me longer than her, but neither of use was ever paid a lot for all what we need to know so we have a small bed and breakfast here too, you know, as supplemental income. Neither is unfortunately making us rich, but we don’t face “the wolf at the door” either, so that’s a good thing and we’ve had people from all over the world stay with us – from Europe to South America to the Pacific Rim, as well as all over the US and it’s really fun to get to know others. Recently had someone who is writer stay for a week while she worked on her newest book away from the day-to-day distractions of her home, and it’s alway fun to talk writing with another writer.

However, we recently decided that we wanted to look into purchasing a tiny house to use with the b&B so I’ve done a ton of research on builders all over. Incredible range of quality to say the least. We flew to the west coast to talk to one, have emailed back and forth with many others, and have been around the state (Texas – so that’s a big deal) talking to others. Odly enough, a builder whose work I’ve admire for a long time responded to our inquiry about a regional sales rep position (they didn’t have one open – we talked them into it). Now we have eight states that we’re the regional reps for and it’s going to be a fun situation since we are both very green and we live in a relatively small house ourselves (1000 square feet).

So, if you have a need for an incredibly well built tiny home that’s also RV certified, please go to www.escapetraveler.net and look around. Cool stuff and it helps keep this writer, writing.

Regarding the writing going on here  – Now working on book three of the trilogy and while I thought I’d be glad to be rid of the characters, I’m really not. They are now so real to me that they are almost like friends. Books one and two are finished and with my agent, and book three is about half complete at this time and going well. Pantsed book one, and it took a long time because I wasn’t sure where I was going with it. Outlined book two and it went much smoother and doing that with three and glad I am. Can still add chapters and segues, but I like having some idea where I’m trying to go with plot even though my people sometimes want to color outside the lines and I have to revise the outline some. Part of the creative process here I guess.

Still looking for some San Antonio area writers interested in forming a serious writing group. The only requirement is the serious part.

 July 7th, 2016  
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