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Well, damn. Not doing much writing at the moment as I have an as yet unexplained bacterial infection in my leg which is debilitating to say the least. Radically painful and started up in ernest a couple of days after we came back from the Grand Canyon. I’ve had something going on with it for a while and it just flared, so working on getting it better right now and hurts too much to sit at my desk just yet. Missing writing – a lot.

That said, the last book in the trilogy is coming along quite well. Up to 134 pages that are solid and lots of storyline left to wrap up the first two books and still be a standalone novel. Counting heavily on my agent to find a home for book one so the other two can continue what is really a good story about some good characters. That said, there are two publishers who have had copies a long time and I’m getting antsy about their responses, as well as the others who have been queries. This is a good trilogy and it deserves a home.

About to put together a new writing group here and possibly some classes. Considering a memoir class and also specialties ones like how to write dialogue, how to start the novel, continue one, finish up.

New meds so hopefully will be writing again soon.





 April 16th, 2016  
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